Life {unscripted} : September

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I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this fantastically talented group of photographers of Life {unscripted}.  I hope you have enjoyed proceeding through this blog circle.  {Diana St. Louis' link is above and Sonia Epple Fotografie follows at the end of mine}.

Here's my volume 1 contribution to this blog circle......

My Life {unscripted}

My two children and I spent this summer in Ireland with Granny, my husband's Mother.  Granny lives on a farm in West Cork, Ireland. Otherwise known as, in my book, "God's Country."

Cell phones, computers, social media and all forms of technology were left behind in New York.  Now.....I could have arranged for my cell phone to work overseas, which would have allowed me access to social media and I could have taken a daily walk down the road to my sister-in-law to use her computer BUT I chose not to.  This was going to be a carefree vacation; just me, my kids, and family.

There were no plans to make, no play dates or day trips to organize (maybe only 3 or 4 trips off the farm during our stay). No obligations other than basic needs.  Each day unfurled without plan; unscripted if you will.

Granny's farm has sheep, cows, some cats and Ben (the sheep dog).  Clothes are hung on the clothesline (weather permitting) and any leftovers from meals are spooned into Ben's dish (nothing goes to waste).  We helped Granny feed the cows and the sheep. We watched the hay get baled and wrapped. We went for long walks with no plan of destination, ate blackberries from bushes at the side of the road, climbed fences and rolled (literally) in the beautifully, cushioned Irish grass.

Life on vacation in Ireland was very different than the craziness we knew in New York.   Without all the noise and distractions I "really" listened to my children, to their laughter, to their questions (of course, not every day was perfect paradise there were  the regular sibling fights and tears so I listened to that too.)  There was nothing to distract my attention from my kids. Life was enjoyable, relaxed, wonderful and it was a Life {unscripted}, if only for a month.


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